CLX™ 7-minute workout at home

TheraBand is breaking new ground with its latex-free, patent-pending CLX™- Consecutive Loops. Never before has resistance training been so versatile, so simple and so inspiring. The TheraBand CLX with Easy Grip Loops™ provides multiple unique grip options that enable exercises like open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required exercises and never before possible exercises such as simultaneous upper and lower bodywork. The TheraBand CLX delivers unparalleled versatility and ease of use that may increase exercise compliance to improve patient outcomes, and most importantly it can easily be used by anyone.

Here are 8 workouts that you can easily perform at home with Theraband CLX™ in only 7 minutes.

First of all, you need to get prepared to perform the exercises with the all-in position; the CLX™ set-up will remain the same during all the exercises. For the all-in position put your feet in the two center loops and your hand in the end loops. Now you are ready to start exercising…

CLX™ Squat to Overhead Press

  1. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and with your hands in the CLX put them at shoulder height
  2. Go down into a squat at 90°
  3. Go back up by pressing your hands at the end of the motion

CLX™ Bird Dog

  1. Come down to all fours
  2. Straighten and lift your left/right leg while lifting the opposite arm until they are parallel to the floor
  3. Slowly return them to the starting position and repeat
  4. Repeat with opposite hand and leg

CLX™ Upright X-Row

  1. Cross the CLX in opposite hands and slightly bent your knees, with your hands in the middle
  2. Start pulling your hands up the chin while keeping your hands close to your body
  3. Come back to center

CLX™ Lateral Straight Leg Raise

  1. Start with your hands overhead
  2. Drop one arm to 90° and lift your leg at the same time
  3. Bring them back to the center and repeat
  4. Repeat with the opposite side
  • Theraband CLX 11 loops
    Theraband CLX 11 loops

CLX™ Sit to Stand

(you will need a chair to perform this exercise)

  1. Sit on the edge of the chair and get your hands out at 90°
  2. Set your shoulders back and keep your core tight, then stand up straight
  3. Slowly lower back onto the chair

CLX™ Front Raise

  1. Put your feet together and your arms down at your side
  2. Raise your arms straight in front by keeping them level up to shoulder height
  3. Release back down to your side

CLX™ Tricep Extension

  1. Get into a squat position with your arms bent, your elbows back and your hands at chest height
  2. Extend your left hand back
  3. Bring it back to your center at chest height
  4. Repeat with opposite side

CLX™ Pressing Fast Feet

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands at chest height
  2. Press your hands out while moving your feet
  3. Bring your hands back to the center while still moving your feet

Watch the full video of the CLX™ 7-minute workout at home. Make sure to perform the exercises correctly and avoid compromising their format.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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