Are Resistance Bands your new fitness partner?

Getting into shape, maintain or improving your shape can be somehow challenging. Time, money and daily responsibilities are only some reasons which are getting between us and our fitness goals. But no worries Theraband Cyprus has the right solution for you: Resistance Bands!

Following we present you 3 reasons why Theraband Resistance Bands should be your new fitness partner and how they are going to help you meet your fitness goals!

Convenient & Cost-Effective

There is no need to have bulky equipment in order to be able to exercise and resistance bands are the proof. With only one piece of the right resistance pocket-size band and you have unlimited options for exercising good and exercising right.
You can also take it with you anywhere! If you seek to change workout environment, just pack your Theraband resistance band in your bag and you are ready for your daily workout at the park, at the beach or wherever you want. Additionally, a resistance band can be easily stored without worrying that it will take unnecessary space.

Moreover, you are paying a logical amount of money for a lifetime fitness partner. Except from the fact that the Theraband resistant band – especially in comparison with other fitness equipment – is a low-cost exercise tool, it is also a high-quality band that will be a part of your at-home gym for a long time.

Versatile and Beneficial

Resistance bands are the perfect versatile fitness equipment with which you can perform a vast amount of exercises. Therefore, you can exercise different muscles and muscle groups with just one resistance band. It is suitable for upper body workout, lower body workout, core strengthening workout, anything really. Also, you can combine resistance band workouts with other exercise equipment, like exercise balls, stability trainers and so on, in order to increase your exercise options and possibilities even more. The sky is the limit!

Furthermore, resistance bands are great facilitators of resistance and strength training. Particularly, resistance and strength training are types of exercise that improve muscular strength and endurance, which are achieved by moving your body against resistance. In that way, the body gets stronger, tighter and leaner faster. This is what resistance bands are for – resistance and strength training – therefore are suitable for helping you meet your fitness goals.

Multiple Resistance Levels

Theraband resistance bands come in a variety of resistance levels which makes it suitable for people of all abilities. Moreover, this makes it easy to track your progress as you move to higher resistances and if necessary, and also you can use different resistance band level while exercising different muscle groups.
Discover the color-coded Theraband level system and choose the right resistance band for you:

Try it and you will realise that resistance bands are indeed your new best fitness partner!

  • 1.5M Theraband Resistance Band
    1.5M Theraband Resistance Band
  • Theraband Resistance Bands - Single
    Theraband Resistance Bands – Single
  • 45.5M Theraband Resistance Bands - Dispenser Box
    45.5M Theraband Resistance Bands – Dispenser Box

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