Correct use of the Theraband Ankle & Wrist Weights

Theraband Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weights are wearable weights which can be easily strapped onto ankles and wrists. They feature adjustable straps, a soft terrycloth interior and reflective trim. They are used to add additional weight during exercise and rehabilitation programs.

However, ankle and wrist weights need to be used and attached correctly in order to elevate your performance and to also avoid harming yourself. Specifically, it is advised not to be worn during walking, running or aerobic workouts. Attaching the wearable weights on ankle or wrist during these exercises can cause problems to your upper and lower body. Such problems are muscle imbalance, tendon or ligament injuries to the knees, hips and back, and tendon injuries in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck. Therefore, wearable weights are suitable for specific types of workout and they can actually help you to boost better your endurance and strength if used correctly. Also, they can help you burn calories and lose weight more effectively.

Wearable weights can facilitate bodyweight exercises by making them more challenging and effective. Particularly, bodyweight training is a type of strength and resistance training that uses the individual’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity and consequently enhance the strength and endurance. Usually, people who choose this type of workout want to avoid using bulky equipment during workouts. However, if you wish to challenge yourself some more, using just your body weight is not always enough. That’s where ankle and wrist weights come in. You can add additional weight to your body weight and perform the same bodyweight exercises with just a set of wearable weights.

Moreover, they allow you to perform hands-free exercises and therefore you can easily combine other tools and equipment during your workout, such as exercise balls, band loops, CLX, resistance bands and so on.

Exercise with Ankle & Wrist Weights and Theraband Exercise Ball

Additionally, they don’t take up much space so you can store them easily and it is so easy to carry them around that you can take your workout outdoors.

Below we list you three easy to perform exercises with the Theraband Theraband Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weights!

Theraband Cuff Weight Quadruped Arm & Leg

For low back and core stabilization exercise

  1. Attach the weights on your ankles and/or wrists
  2. Get on your hands and knees with your thighs and arms perpendicular to the floor
  3. Keep your back and trunk stable, and lift your opposite arm and leg
  4. Alternate sides without hyperextending your back or neck

Theraband Cuff Weight Side-lying Hip Abduction

Strengthens the gluteus medius muscle

  1. Attach the weights to your ankles
  2. Bend your opposite knee
  3. Lift your leg upward, by keeping your knee straight
  4. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return, by keeping your leg aligned with your trunk and shoulders

Theraband Cuff Weight Side-lying Horizontal Abduction

Strengthens the posterior shoulder and upper back

  1. Attach the weights on your wrists
  2. Lay on your side with your arm extended outward in front of you with your elbows straight
  3. Lift your arm upward toward the ceiling, keeping your elbow straight and without letting your arm go behind your body
  4. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return
  • Theraband Ankle & Wrist Weights
    Theraband Ankle & Wrist Weights

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