Discover the Benefits of Aquatic Fitness

Summer is here, the weather is getting better and the temperature warmer, which makes it the perfect time to get your aquatic equipment out and start exercising. If you don’t know yet what we are talking about, Theraband Cyprus has prepared for you this article to discover what aquatic fitness is and what are its benefits. And believe us once you get started, aquatic fitness will become your new favorite hobby!

What is aquatic fitness?

Aquatic fitness is an exercising alternative which takes place solely in water – beach or pool – by performing exercises that promote and enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Such exercises may be used to improve balance, gait and posture, enhance physical endurance, mobilise joints, and strengthen and stretch muscles. At the same time, water exercises can get you into a better mood by reducing anxiety and stress levels, and also make you calmer. This type of exercising is also extremely beneficial for people who are recovering from injuries, people with chronic conditions and elders.

What makes aquatic exercise great, is the fact that in chest-depth approximately 80% of your body weight in buoyant, which means that you weigh less and therefore you are bearing only 20% of your weight while exercising in water. Also, the thickness of water allows you to reach your fitness goals with less effort than with exercise on dry land and with less impact on joint and muscles.

Perform aquatic fitness with the right equipment

Swimming and jumping around in water are also good. However, having the right equipment can allow you to perform an endless number of water exercises and also facilitate their execution. The Thera-Band line of aquatic products can be used for therapy, water aerobics, and to improve performance of recreational and professional swimmers. Following, we present you three must-have products for aquatic fitness.

Theraband Aquatic Hand Bars

Theraband Hand Bars are a pair of water dumbbells designed for in-water therapy and fitness. Great for low impact workouts, the aquatic weights add additional resistance to traditional water exercise programs to make them more challenging. Using water dumbbells during aquatic fitness, helps you increase flexibility, range of motion, and strength, by performing an unlimited number of water exercises. 

  • Aquatic Hand Bars
    Aquatic Hand Bars

Theraband Aqua Belt

Theraband Aqua Belt is an ideal and comfortable flotation aid in deep water jogging in therapy and fitness. It’s consisted of a soft contoured, closed-cell foam with a connecting webbed belt that wraps around the user. A flotation device used while jogging or running in deep water for therapy, cardiovascular exercise or in conjunction with other aquatic exercise products like hand bars for body toning. It is designed with a special shape that enables the user to hold an upright, upper body position.

  • Aqua Belt
    Aqua Belt

Theraband Kickboards

Kickboards are usually used under supervision as swim training aids. However, they are also suitable for trunk extension and hip strengthening as well as toning and working the legs and lower extremities, shoulders and arms.

  • Kickboards

Are you ready to take your summer workout to the next level?

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