Theraband Exercise Ball for lower back pain exercises

The Thera-Band® Pro Series SCP exercise balls combine the security of slow deflation, the comfort of improved stability at the points of body contact, a supportive surface without excessive softness, and enhanced performance from the responsive surface design to provide the standard in exercise ball technology. These, make the Thera-Band® Pro Series SCP exercise ball the perfect partner for a variety of exercises for fitness, recovery and rehabilitation.

In this article, we are going to present you an easy-to-perform exercise to recover from lower back pain. Lower back pain is a really common condition that can be caused by simple every-day activities, such as lifting heavy objects, bad posture while sitting and so on. Therefore, almost everyone has experienced it at some point. The use of an exercise ball can support the body and facilitate performance during exercises, especially back-related exercises.

Spinal Rotation with Theraband® Pro Series SCP Exercise Ball to relief and recover from lower back pain:

  1. Lie on your back with both legs over a Theraband® Exercise ball
  2. Keep your arms outstretched-horizontal at 90°
  3. Slowly roll the ball side to side in a controlled motion, by engaging your lower back muscles
  4. Go as far as you can without losing control and the, return to the initial position
  • Theraband Exercise Balls - Pro Series
    Theraband Exercise Balls – Pro Series

Watch the video Spinal Rotation with Ball, in order to perform the exercise correctly

Stay tuned for more exercises!

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