Pilates Balls


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  • Pilates Balls


    The Theraband Pilates Ball is a suitable aid for Pilates or Yoga training. Exercises with the Theraband Pilates Ball strengthens the spine and abdominal muscles. The ball is made of soft material. This makes the exercises more pleasant, but also provides a better composition and relaxation of the muscles. Moreover, the ball has a long duration due to the firm material.

    Theraband Pilates Balls are available in three colors and diameters:

    • Red: 18 cm
    • Blue: 22 cm
    • Silver: 26 cm
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  • Theraband Ankle & Wrist Weights


    TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets can be easily strapped onto wrists or ankles to add additional weight during strength training and rehabilitation programs.

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  • Theraband Soft Weights


    TheraBand Soft Weights are a great alternative to traditional dumbbells or other weighted workout balls.

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