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  • Exercise Mats


    TheraBand Exercise Mats provide maximum comfort during yoga, pilates, and other floor exercises. The mats are waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water and are the perfect slip-resistant surface for warm-ups, stretching, and exercise. These professional quality exercise mats are made of high density polyethylene and lightweight non-PVC material. Hanging holes are pre-drilled into the mat for easing storage, and two elastic straps wrap around the mat for rolling.

    It comes in two sizes:

    • 60cm X 190cm X 1.5cm
    • 102cm X 190m X 1.5cm
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  • Pull Buoy Swim Float


    The Theraband Webbed Pull Buoy swim training aid can be placed between the thighs to provide buoyancy to the lower body while upper body strength is developed. Advanced swimmers use pull buoys to practice “pulling,” an exercise that helps increase stroke rate and swim times while developing muscles in the shoulders and arms. Theraband Pull Buoys are made with two buoyant pieces of foam connected by an adjustable strap and comes in three sizes for more or less flotation. Beginners can use the longest buoys for the greatest amount of flotation and progress to the shortest buoys as their upper body strength develops.

    Comes in 3 sizes:

    • Small: 15cm x 10cm
    • Medium: 18cm x 10cm
    • Large: 20cm x 10cm
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  • Swim Belts



    Theraband Swim Belts are beginner swimming aids that assist in teaching children how to swim. These training belts have an adjustable buckle and are available with either one, two, or three foam blocks that can be removed as swimmers develop more skill and require less flotation assistance. Young swimmers should use the swim belt under the supervision of an adult or swimming coach until they learn to swim independently.

      • Swim belts secure around the waist to help teach inexperienced swimmers and children how to swim
      • Youth size with two floats designed for young children and pre-teens who need additional help swimming
      • Removable floats made of high-density buoyancy foam to support beginner swimmers
      • Unlike traditional arm floats, belt attaches to waist to assist with forward-facing swim positions and teaching specific techniques
    • Floating blocks clip to waist, children learning to swim should use under adult supervision
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