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  • Instructional Swim Bar


    The Theraband Swim Bar is a multipurpose swimming aid made from two high-density foam buoys and a comfortable long hand bar. This useful pool fitness equipment helps improve trunk stabilization, strength, flexibility, and balance. Incorporate the Swim Bar into water exercise programs to create effective, low impact full body workouts that increase range of motion and improve function.

    • Provides greater resistance during swimming and hydrotherapy Exercise to strengthen the upper body and lower body.
    • Use in low-impact water workouts during physical therapy and training to strengthen muscles without adding pressure to joints
    • Comfortable and padded long hand bar with two buoyant weights on either end
    • Children should use under adult supervision to learn to swim
    • Constructed from two modules of high density buoyant foam
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  • Kickboards


    Kickboards are used under supervision as swim training aids. They are also used for trunk extension and hip strengthening as well as toning and working the legs and lower extremities, shoulders and arms.

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  • Pilates Balls


    The Theraband Pilates Ball is a suitable aid for Pilates or Yoga training. Exercises with the Theraband Pilates Ball strengthens the spine and abdominal muscles. The ball is made of soft material. This makes the exercises more pleasant, but also provides a better composition and relaxation of the muscles. Moreover, the ball has a long duration due to the firm material.

    Theraband Pilates Balls are available in three colors and diameters:

    • Red: 18 cm
    • Blue: 22 cm
    • Silver: 26 cm
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  • Pool Noodles


    The 1.60m long “foam-spaghetti” offers a wide range of applications for muscle strengthening and relaxation.

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  • Progressive Hand Trainer – Intro Kit


    The TheraBand Progressive Hand Trainer can be used after hand or wrist surgery to strengthen the hand and fingers. These thin latex sheets are designed to increase the range of motion and mobility of the hand in patients with extremely weak grip who have difficulty with daily tasks. Six resistance levels allow patients to progress as their hand strength increases. With more than 60 access holes, the elastic sheets are great for countless Exercise for the hand and wrist.

    Intro Kit includes Trainer and Refill Sheets.

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  • Pull Buoy Swim Float


    The Theraband Webbed Pull Buoy swim training aid can be placed between the thighs to provide buoyancy to the lower body while upper body strength is developed. Advanced swimmers use pull buoys to practice “pulling,” an exercise that helps increase stroke rate and swim times while developing muscles in the shoulders and arms. Theraband Pull Buoys are made with two buoyant pieces of foam connected by an adjustable strap and comes in three sizes for more or less flotation. Beginners can use the longest buoys for the greatest amount of flotation and progress to the shortest buoys as their upper body strength develops.

    Comes in 3 sizes:

    • Small: 15cm x 10cm
    • Medium: 18cm x 10cm
    • Large: 20cm x 10cm
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  • Resistance Tubing with Handles


    Theraband Tubing with Handles are made from high-quality natural rubber latex and are ideal for upper-body exercise, rehabilitation, fitness, and conditioning in the clinic or at home. The resistance tubing makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easier than ever before and includes the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use solution. They are available in 7 color-coded levels of resistance, determined by the thickness of the tubing, which allows users to recognize improvement as it happens and gives at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next.

    • Perfect for upper & lower body Exercise, conditioning, rehabilitation, and fitness
    • Easy-to-use alternative to free weights & dumbbells
    • Convenient and portable product that can be used in the clinic, at home, or on-the-go
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  • Sports Handle


    Theraband Elastic Resistance Accessories increase the amount of exercise you can do in combination with resistance bands and tubing. The accessories are easy-to-use and allow for multiple upper and lower body Exercise.

    • The Theraband Sports Handle expands the range of Exercise that can be performed with bands and tubing and allows for multiple upper and lower body Exercise
    • 12 inch long handle allows for two hands to grasp for resistance Exercise
    • Three attachment points for a variety of force applications with one or two handed gripping
    • Ideal for wrist or hand rehabilitation or strength training
    • Comes with D ring connectors for easy change of bands or tubing
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  • Swim Belts



    Theraband Swim Belts are beginner swimming aids that assist in teaching children how to swim. These training belts have an adjustable buckle and are available with either one, two, or three foam blocks that can be removed as swimmers develop more skill and require less flotation assistance. Young swimmers should use the swim belt under the supervision of an adult or swimming coach until they learn to swim independently.

      • Swim belts secure around the waist to help teach inexperienced swimmers and children how to swim
      • Youth size with two floats designed for young children and pre-teens who need additional help swimming
      • Removable floats made of high-density buoyancy foam to support beginner swimmers
      • Unlike traditional arm floats, belt attaches to waist to assist with forward-facing swim positions and teaching specific techniques
    • Floating blocks clip to waist, children learning to swim should use under adult supervision
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  • Theraband Ankle & Wrist Weights


    TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets can be easily strapped onto wrists or ankles to add additional weight during strength training and rehabilitation programs.

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  • Theraband Balance Boards


    TheraBand Rocker and Wobble Boards are designed to build core strength and improve balance.

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  • Theraband Band Loops


    TheraBand Resistance Band Loops are continuous 3″ wide loop elastic bands used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body Exercise to increase strength and balance. The band loops are an effective and efficient way to strengthen muscles.

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