Stability Disc: Benefits & Exercises

The TheraBand Stability Disc joins a family of TheraBand stability products utilized for balance training, rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement. This specific type of stability disc is the most challenging of all Theraband stability products (stability trainers & balance boards). It is a high-quality, durable training tool specially designed to offer intensity and instability to your exercises, strength training and rehabilitation. The design of this multi-purpose balance disc is made to be used as a progressive stability product, effective core exerciser and seat cushion for your home, work or travel.

And because we don’t want you to miss any of the details about this great product following we present you the benefits of using a Theraband Stability Disc and also some exercises to elevate your performance!

Yes, it can really benefit you!

The Theraband Stability Disc is strong enough to stand or sit on and when doing so, it gives you an unstable surface. The unstable surface engages the muscles and also triggers specific body and brain functions, depending on the use of the stability disc. Therefore, a stability disc is not only able to benefit your physical condition, but also improve your mental abilities.

Thanks to its dual-surface it allows you to pick the surface of your choice based on intended use. The unstable and sensory-stimulating surface facilitates automatic postural reactions while sitting. This feature helps activate core muscles, the cardiovascular system, legs, glutes, and improve balance. It is also a great tool to use for burning calories and facilitate weight loss.

Moreover, it encourages proprioception* during exercise, active or dynamic sitting, which can be really beneficial while recovering from injuries. Specifically, the proprioception feedback loop has to happen continuously and rapidly in order to prevent injuries to the joints. Therefore, by using a stability disc is a good way to prevent injuries and also help with the proper rehabilitation of an existing injury. There are specific exercises performed with the stability disc that can assist you to prevent or overcome injuries.

Except from the exercises, sitting on a stability disc can also be more beneficial than you thing. Particularly, it can help you improve and correct your posture which really helps with back pain and pain in the neck and shoulders. Additionally, it can really benefit your mental abilities by increasing your concentration and reduce anxiety levels. This is because, the unstable surface of the disc will force you to sit still – yet comfortable – and consequently keeps you calm and concentrated on your task.

* Proprioception: The feedback loop – also known as the proprioception feedback loop - between the body telling the brain what position the joints are in and the brain making rapid adjustments to the joints’ position or circumstances

Stability Disc Exercises

Stability Disc Stepping

Provides both balance and aerobic exercise

  1. Stand with both feet on the Stability Disc
  2. Alternate stepping with both feet without lifting your feet off the disc
  3. Keep a sturdy object nearby for support if needed

Stability Disc Ankle Flexion ROM

Balance training and strengthening for the shin and calf

  1. Stand with both feet on the Stability Disc
  2. Rock your ankles forward and backwards on the disc
  3. Keep your knees and hips straight
  4. Keep a sturdy object nearby for support if needed

Stability Disc Sitting Pelvic Tilt

Helps improve pelvic range of motion and awareness

  1. Sit on the Stability Disc with feet flat on the ground
  2. Alternate arching and flattening your lower back by tilting your pelvis forward and backwards

Theraband Stability Disc Lunge

Builds leg strength and function

  1. Place the Stability Disc in front of you
  2. Lunge forward onto the disc, bending your knees while keeping your back upright
  3. Return to a standing position and repeat with the opposite leg

Buy your own Theraband Stability Disc and enjoy its benefits at home and on the move!

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