3 Ways to workout with your Kids

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that parents-kids workout can have multiple benefits for both parties such as building a stronger parent-child relationship by spending quality time together, making the kid realise the benefits of fitness from a young age and encouraging healthy growth and development.  

Following we present you 3 playful ways to workout with your kids with the help of 3 Theraband products.

Exercise Ball Workouts

Theraband Exercise Balls are a fun way to engage your child in fun fitness activities. ‘Bouncy’ fitness activities can be both fun and beneficial for your child. Generally, exercise balls are a fun piece of equipment for children because they can play with it. Therefore, before jumping into any exercise let your child to play for a few minutes with the exercise ball in order to feel more comfortable to perform the exercises.

Then you can start exercising with a basic exercise to teach balance, improve posture and work core muscles. Firstly, sit-up straight on the exercise ball with the feet flat on the floor and your legs bended at 90° angle. Then lift each foot a few centimetres above the ground for approximately ten seconds. In order to successfully perform this exercise with your child it is suggested to first perform the exercise yourself for the child to see the process and then help him/her to perform it, too. When the child is in the position to perform the exercise independently, then perform the exercise together.   

Foam Roller Activities

The Theraband Foam Roller might not seem as fun as the exercise balls for children, but with the right use foam rollers can also be fun. After all, they can offer many benefits during workout and there are multiple ways to be used.

For example, if your child is having a difficulty with transitions from floor to stand, encourage them to stand on a foam roller with one leg lifted and the weight shifted over the other leg, while trying to reach an object. Practice both sides alternately in order to also improve the transition between the two legs. Another fun and beneficial activity, is for the child to try holding the foam roller overhead and walk backwards to improve body awareness and strengthen the core.

Resistance Bands

Theraband Resistance Bands have resistance levels ranging from 3 pounds to 50 pounds, so people of all strengths and ages can take advantage of the full body workout capabilities. Moreover, a resistance band is the ultimate piece of equipment to perform exercises with your child because it is versatile and offers limitless exercise options.

A good way to start working out with a resistance band, is to teach your child how to properly stand on the resistance band since there are many exercises which can be performed by having this specific starting position. Following, you can start with a simple ‘dumbbells lifting’ exercise, where the child’s weight is the opposing force (not dumbbells). Specifically, by standing on the band the child will have to curl his/her arm up while holding the other end of the band. Another amazing and fun exercise, is the ‘Flying Like a Bird’ exercise where the child places one foot on the center of the band and then by holding the two ends of the band starts flapping his/her arms like a bird. You can perform these exercises along with your child and see progression together.

Weight lifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting can put too much stress on young developing muscles, as well as areas of cartilage that haven’t yet turned to bone. That is why we suggest you performing supervised strength training with your child by using the Theraband equipment for safe exercising.

  • 1.5M Theraband Resistance Band
  • Theraband PRO Foam Rollers
  • Theraband Exercise Balls – Pro Series

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